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Keep Meditation Simple

Meditate, meditate, meditate. Everyone is talking about meditation and it is wonderful for calming the mind. There are meditation playlists, CDs, YouTube videos, and apps. I do agree that meditation is definitely a good method of calming the mind and helping one focus. I also agree that we should keep it simple, especially for starters. 

What do I mean by “keep it simple?” Select a space to meditate in, position your body in whatever position is comfortable, and set an intention. That space can be in the car, in the closet, or in the bathroom as long as you will be uninterrupted for the time you have set aside to meditate. You can lay down flat, sit in a chair with your feet planted on the floor, or stand up against the wall. The more important part of meditation is the intention. 

What is an intention? An intention is a reason. It is the why for doing something. Example intentions may be to relax, to relieve pain, to become calm, to increase energy, or just to exist in a safe space. The intention is about you, because you are the most important piece of the meditation. You matter. 

For starters, here is an example. Set the intention to enjoy 5 minutes of unconditional love and peace. Select your space and position and set a timer for 5 minutes. (The time can be increased as you desire.) Take a deep inhale while counting to 5. Exhale while counting to 7. Repeat this 3 times. Then repeat the intention: I am experiencing unconditional love and peace. Feel that unconditional love and peace flowing all over your being, into every cell of your body, and into every thought. When the timer rings, take a deep inhale while counting to 5, exhale while counting to 7, repeat this three times then state: I experienced unconditional love and peace. 

It may sound too simple, but try it! It is only 5 minutes and can make such a huge difference in your energy. It is common to drift off to sleep while meditating when starting out. It is a way for your mind and body to tell you they need rest. Listen to them. As you progress, you can increase the time, add burning of candles or incense, speak a list of affirmations, create an opening and closing prayer, say a mantra, and even use crystals and stones! Mediation is about you, so feel free to develop it from what feels right and necessary to you.

Happy Meditating!!


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