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Valentine’s Day Shenanigans

Foxye post valentine

Many will be out and about on the night town to celebrate love on this February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day. In light of the day’s energy, I have a very safety tips”

  • If someone says “NO,” accept it. If they don’t want to dance with you, or accept a drink from you, or go out with you, accept it.
  • If a man or woman wants to have sex with you, she or he will let you know. So, tell the Date Rape drug dealer no.
  • If the other person is intoxicated or high on drugs, he or she cannot consent to sexual contact. So, whatever you do can be considered sexual assault. Also, she or he cannot give you consent.
  • Women and men will dress sexy tonight. They will look good and smell good. Remember, their appearance is not their consent.
  • Men and women will dance, twerk, grind, do the butt, and many other dances. This is not consent to engage in sexual activity. It is simply a dance.
  • Many girls and boys look older than their actual age. Check ID. Ask questions about their age. Do a trivia of things that happened 20 years ago. Just because they lied about their age is not a defense to sexual assault of a child.
  • Bouncers and club security do your job. Check ID. Tell the underaged boy and girl, woman and man, they cannot enter the club regardless of how much money they give you, how wonderful they tell you they are, or how cute/handsome they are.
  • Remember, “No.” is a complete sentence and it needs no justification.
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